Coming up next we have another Ameriwood product, however, it may surprise you to find out that this one is a fair bit more controversial than the other two Ameriwood products we have had so far on our list. We will tackle this issue in a later part, but for now let us just say that, overall, this is a very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing fireplace TV stand. You can clearly glimpse this from the price tag as well. It comes in black and gray, and both look great depending on your preference and the decor of the room you are putting it in.

One thing that this fireplace has definitely going for it is its modern design. It does not try to be something that it is not by emulating a more rustic or retro style. Instead, it is unapologetically modern which really makes the electric fireplace insert not seem out of place.

It is constructed out of sturdy black laminated MDF along with particleboard and features a 23” metal electric fireplace insert. Its assembled dimensions are 27.94”H x 65.19”W x 19.81”D. The top surface will support up to 135 lbs. of weight and can hold a TV that is up to 70” wide. This fireplace TV console also features four open shelves, two of which are adjustable, which are, as we have previously mentioned, great for storing your DVDs and Blu-Rays and their respective players, or even your favorite gaming consoles for when you want to have some fun. The adjustable shelves can support up to 30 lbs. while the fixed ones can support up to 30 lbs.

One of the great things about this fireplace TV stand is that it gives you the option to adjust the flame brightness, heat settings, or set a timer all from the touch panel or the included remote control. This is something that you certainly cannot do with a regular fireplace. Although you lose some of the coziness of having a real fireplace, the added convenience of modernity may indeed trump that in the eyes of many.

Finally, this item does ship flat to your door and needs to be assembled. This process is not painstaking although we did come across complaints about screw holes not being made. This is not an issue since you can make them on your own. Two people are recommended although not necessary for the assembly of this product.

Not, let us move on to the issue which two customers have mentioned. This issue is about the fireplace short-circuiting or burning out. Although you get a one-year warranty, one year seems to be about the time when these stop working. This is a shame since there have been known to be problems when it comes to replacing that particular part.

This phenomenon has been a great inconvenience for these customers so it is recommended that you take the possibility of such a thing happening into account when you make your purchase.

It should also be noted that the heat comes from a fan rather than radiating and so some parts, particularly the floor, take a while to heat up. Given enough time, however, the fireplace insert can warm up a room relatively decently.

Other than that, however, people have reported nothing but enjoyable, modern coziness from this product.