This brand’s name is WE, and such a name conjures up feelings of comfort and togetherness. This is quite appropriate considering that this fireplace TV stand provides your home with just that. Any room that houses it will enjoy a cozy and homely atmosphere, and the added light and heat are really an amazing bonus on top of that. This is one of those entries on this list that has very little controversy regarding it as most customers seemed to be more than satisfied with it.

It comes in barnwood, black, charcoal, driftwood, espresso, and white oak. It is constructed of high-grade MDF and durable laminate. It will support weight up to 250 lbs. and has more than enough storage space for different components. Although it lacks any cabinets, the shelves it comes with are quite numerous and spacious, allowing you to find a place for all of your TV-related equipment. Like most of these fireplace TV stands, it includes an electric fire insert, which means that even though you will not get the authentic experience of lighting some logs on fire and listening to them crackle while keeping the room warm, you will get a screen which simulates a pretty lifelike flame and decent warmth. It is a sacrifice in authenticity in favor of practicality. It also comes with a simple plug-in unit which means you do not need an electrician to get this up and running.

Speaking of getting this fireplace TV stand up and running, there is very little hassle involved when it comes to assembling it after its arrival. Even more perhaps than our last entry, the WE Furniture AZ70FP18WO Fireplace TV Stand is reported to be deceptively easy to assemble. Of course, the assembly time does take a while, up to three or four hours if one is not particularly hands, but it more than makes up for that by coming with all the parts you need to knock it together. You only really require a pair of scissors and a set of screwdrivers. Some customers have, however, reported that some screws are difficult to insert into the wood. This is more an exception than the rule. The good part about this is that one customer who has reported this problem simply chose not to bother with two of the screws, trusting that the construction was strong enough even without them. Lo and behold, he was right!

This is a great fireplace TV stand if you want to create a nice and cozy atmosphere in a room. Of course, this is the main purpose of such a piece of furniture, but some of these products simply do it better than others. If you carefully choose a color you like and place it in the appropriate room, there is little reason why you will not thoroughly enjoy this great fireplace TV stand.