It seems that Ameriwood and WE Furniture have a kind of monopoly on quality fireplace TV stands. This next entry is a fairly standard addition and does not bring anything radically different from the products we have seen so far on this list. It comes in a variety of colors and that is good for people who like to have options. There are lots of us, we are sure, who like our fireplace TV stand/console to be a perfect match with the environment it is in.

Speaking of color and style, it comes in barnwood, black, brown, driftwood, gray wash, and white oak. It is constructed of high-grade MDF and durable laminate and will support up to 250 lbs. of weight. Of course, it includes an electric fireplace insert and will accommodate most TVs with a screen size of up to 60 inches, although some customers have postulated that it could hold even bigger TVs (not confirmed by manufacturer). The 58″ Wood Media TV Stand Console with Fireplace has ample storage space in the form of shelves which are protected by glass doors.

When it comes to the setting, the flame and heat are not adjustable. You can just turn either of them on or off. This means that you can enjoy the light of the fireplace insert even when it is warm as you do not need to turn on the heat. The flames look all right and the heat spreads decently well. This product can heat up a space of up to approximately 200 square feet.

As we have mentioned before, this is a great decorative piece. The different colors it comes in allow you to purchase a fireplace TV stand which will blend in and work with your environment, or strike an impression by being loud and contrasty. The wood patterns are typically pleasant to look at and really add more… homely atmosphere to a space.

One of the issues that we have noticed reported by customers is assembly. Although it is not common, there were few dissatisfied buyers who mentioned how they found some pieces to be missing and how several steps of the assembly process are unnecessarily difficult. This is no surprise since a lot of these fireplace TV stands tend to come with a lot of small parts such as screws and whatnot. This means that it is easy to misplace some of them and make a mistake when packing the disassembled product.

Another common complaint is that you may have to make some screw holes by yourself. This is all forgivable and within the scope of expected error when it comes to these things, and keep in mind that this has only been marginally reported as being the case. Much more common are reviews which express satisfaction (with perhaps a few minor grievances). For the most part, this is a solid, not-too-expensive fireplace TV stand with which you can spruce up your home environment.

One last thing to mention would be that, reportedly, the fireplace insert does not get that warm. This means that it is safer for children or pets. This has not been officially confirmed and we strongly suggest you inspect this for yourself before acting carelessly.

So there you go—all in all, a very okay fireplace TV stand.