This is a fireplace TV stand with a much simpler design than our last entry. It does not possess fancy cabinets but rather adjustable shelves which can be used to store all of your TV-related items (or items completely unrelated to television—it is yours to do with as you please).

The Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand 58″ features a rich, textured finish and can accommodate a pretty large television, up to 60″ in screen size. Of course, as with all of these fireplace TV stands, it includes an electric fireplace insert. The shelves which replace cabinets and other, more elaborate additions, are adjustable which is great if you plan to designate each of them for different-sized items. The fireplace TV stand will support up to 250 lbs. of weight. It features a high-grade MDF and durable laminate. It also comes in two colors: black and espresso.

This fireplace TV stand is a bit different than the two we have seen from Ameriwood. Of course, this is to be expected when we take into account that they are produced by different companies. There are several differences which deserve to be discussed, the first of which is being the quality of wood. With the Ameriwood fireplaces, we did not find any customers complaining about the quality of the wood out of which they were constructed. With this one, however, we did find a customer who was dissatisfied that the wood “is some cheap veneer” as opposed to something sturdier. This is quite surprising as the prices are comparable, this one being only thirty or so dollars on average less expensive than the Ameriwood products.

However, something that nobody really complained about was the assembly. While the Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 50″ did suffer some criticism in regard to assembly, The Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand 58″ seems to not cause any issues. It does require two people to assemble, however, and so in that respect may cause problems, but this makes it no different from many other fireplace TV stands.

Another thing which this stand has going for it is the reportedly quite enjoyable fire animation. With reasonable heat and lighting (you can also turn on only the light without heat), it will be able to really spice up the atmosphere in a room when such a thing is needed. Of course, it will not act as an entirely authentic replacement for an actual fireplace, but it will get close enough that you will enjoy it.

Otherwise, there is not much to say other than that people are generally quite satisfied with this fireplace TV stand. Although the wood might not be the best (and could potentially crack and bubble), the fireplace looks great in most rooms—so much so that some customers have decided to purchase more than one so that their entire can glow and be warm.