Here is another product by Furinno. The reason a Furinno product for TV entertainment centers keep showing up on our list is that they are so good at making simple TV stands that seem to cover almost every feature you could need in a TV table. This one is made out of engineered particleboard and comes with PVC tubes. It boasts some other features that the previous item on this list has.

Firstly it is very sturdy and durable, allowing you to place a great amount of weight on this product. It is also a small TV stand at only 17.45 pounds. What first catches anyone’s eye when it comes to this TV table is its design. It has a unique structure. Firstly, it boasts a display rack and shelves which provide easy storage for any media device you might need.

Furinno has designed this TV table to have as much extra space as possible for storage without adding on anything extra. This makes it look incredibly compact instead of taking up too much space in your home entertainment center. Things like DVD players, gaming consoles and more all fit perfectly in the products display rack. When it comes to assembly, there are no tools required when it comes to putting this TV stand with shelves together. It should only take you ten minutes so it definitely won’t waste your time. Like almost all of Furinno’s TV stands with storage, it uses a very simple twist, turn and stack mechanism in order to assemble. It cannot get any simpler than this.

As mentioned earlier, it holds up a reasonable amount of weight as far as TVs go and is remarkably sturdy. It holds up to a 42-inch flat screen panel and holds up to 40lbs. When it comes to the style, just like the previous product, Furinno opts for simplicity, giving it a sleek simple but modern look. This makes it suitable for almost any room, blending in with the atmosphere.

You can also choose from multiple color options in order to find the one that suits your personal taste. The various colors range from black, brown faux marble, Columbia walnut black, cream faux marble, espresso, and French oak grey. With all these color options, it is almost impossible to find one that does not suit the room of your entertainment system. Most people think that TV furniture has to be expensive and it is impossible to get good quality if you are not on a budget. However, this is not the case when it comes to this TV stand.

All in all, Furinno’s product is pretty cheap given its reasonable quality and a wide range of features. With enough space to place all your media accessories, a sturdy surface that can hold up a lot of weight, sleek finish for any room, and easy assembly.