The first item that makes our list is a flat screen TV table-top with a Vesa mount. It comes with a lot of extras that make this tabletop TV mount truly remarkable for those looking for a TV stand that is cheap. It uses a two-leg system that is optimal for spreading the weight of the TV on each foot. It creates perfect placement for TVs, d.v.d players, gaming consoles and more.

The TV mounting brackets do their job perfectly. This could be a perfect addition to your entertainment center as it covers all aspects that you could need. This TV mount comes with padding at the bottom side to prevent scratches on different table-top surfaces; it is easy to assemble with minimal complications. It also comes with tools and instructions in order for you to put it together easily. As far as compatibility goes, the TV tabletop spans from 22“ to 65“ in size. It comes with mounting holes between 75 mm x 75 mm and 800mm x400mm. This particular TV stand has also been strength tested with legs made from steel that hold up to 110 lbs. It provides a great level of balance and support to your TV, far surpassing the original bases a TV usually comes with. Just to make sure you are feeling absolutely secure when it comes to this TV stand, it also comes with safety straps.

As mentioned in the name, VIVOs table-top is all about universality. It comes with adjustments to a great number of sizes that can hold just about any flat screen TV when it comes to dimensions. The VESA mount is absolutely sturdy and can handle a pretty huge load when it comes to your TV. It simply seems that this tv stand has it all, making it much easier for your entertainment experience. There is simply nothing to worry about with its steel leg mount, its adjustable stands, and its straps. Also, the price is relatively cheap if you are on a budget. The VIVO universal LCD Flat screen table-top price, making it a great choice if you have a flat screen and are on a budget. It is also worth mentioning that you do not have to settle for steel base legs when it comes to this stand. It also offers a glass base if you prefer it. The glass-based stand comes at higher price so it is a bit more expensive, however.

All in all, Vivo did a great job in designing this stand to be reliable, cheap, sturdy and somewhat customizable in order to give you the best experience when it comes to your flat screen TV. With its sleek design, this tabletop TV mount looks great in any environment as it complements any flat screen with its black matte finish and sharp angles. Be sure to consider this item if you want a relatively cheap TV stand that simply has it all.