This TV stand is a lot different from the other ones on the list. This is because it is primarily a freestanding TV mount. This TV safety strap allows you to mount your TV without having a base. The anti-tip straps make the mount look almost invisible so you do not have to worry about the TV straps clashing with the decor of your room. One of the advantages of using these anti-tip TV straps is safety. Safety TV straps are great for guaranteeing your TV will stay in its place with no problems whatsoever. The heavy-duty straps come with steal mounting components that will prevent any TV tip-over accident.

It is compatible with most TVs, working with TVs up to 65“. Another good thing about these straps is that they work with almost any wall type. Brick walls, solid concrete walls and wood stud walls all work well when using these safety straps in order to mount your TV. They also come with an adjustable tension clamp, allowing you to have a reasonable amount of positions when selecting the angle of your TV placement.

This TV mount is relatively easy to install and it comes with all the necessary hardware along with the two main cables. This mount is incredibly good with flat screens within an arm’s reach or in areas of high traffic. As mentioned earlier, safety is one of the primary features of this TV mount. This is because it uses anti-tip technology in order to eliminate any accidents or injuries you might worry about when selecting a good TV stand. It might take a bit more to assemble than other items on the list, but considering it remains a very sturdy and strong safety TV stand all the while remaining almost invisible, this TV stand is totally worth it. Perhaps you are not creating a TV entertainment system in your home, but rather somewhere else.

This is another reason why these heavy-duty straps work so well. They can use almost any wall space when you choose when positioning your entertainment system. It is also relatively universal, covering a wide range of TV sizes that this strap based stand has no trouble mounting at all. This is the lightest TV stand on the list, only weighing 7.2 ounces. When you take all the factors into consideration, a freestanding TV mount can be the right choice in making almost any TV entertainment system. Next, to be the lightest, it is also one of the cheapest TV stands on our list.

Vivo’s TV stand is cheap price. When you take its lightweight, cheap price, universality and safety features into mind, the Dual Cable Non-Tipping Safety Strap KT by VEVO becomes a great option for giving you all the necessary aspects and features you might need to have a well-rounded TV mount. You do not even have to even worry about making it work with the room because it takes up little space.