This TV stand is a bit different from the other ones on our list. That is because this Furinno product is a 55 – inch TV stand. IT is much larger than the other TV stands mentioned on our list. This cheap black TV stand is technically TV furniture. Simplicity is one of the best features when it comes to this TV stand. It is suitable for any room when it comes to home entertainment systems though you might want to keep its size in mind. It has a stylish design that can work anywhere.

When it comes to your TV and dimensions, Furrino can hold up to a 55 flat screen and hold up to 60lbs. What is great about this black TV stand is that despite being furniture, it takes no trouble at all to assemble. One of the obvious advantages with this simple TV stand is that it gives you a lot of extra space for storage. TV. Stands with shelves are a great way to make sure you can include all the extra media appliances and devices that you might need when it comes to building your home entertainment system. Fitting nicely with most home decor, it offers a great amount of storage space along with separated compartments for organization and convenience. Despite being TV furniture, Furinno makes this model as modern as it can get. It does not need any tools for assembly either. The whole assembly is based on a twist, turn and stack mechanism that should take no more than 10 minutes. It is also relatively light when it comes to furniture, weighing in at only 23.3 pounds. Safety is another feature worth mentioning when it comes to this entertainment stand. This is exactly why all the corners and edges have been rounded off in the case of injury.

Bringing it all together, this Furinno T V stand product combines the traditional idea of furniture, colored in walnut/black with the modern sleek look that can fit in any room. It is usually not that easy to find TV stands like this one. It also has the advantage of holding any TV types as long as it is in the necessary weight range that is mentioned above. When it comes to price, this product still makes it cheap considering the fact that it is furniture and not just a regular smaller TV stand. That is precisely why it is on the list.

However, Furinno’s tv stand is one of the more expensive products on this list. By choosing this TV stand, you can take a step towards simplicity and sturdiness when it comes to making sure the entertainment system you are creating looks and feels as good as possible. You can also choose between other colors that are offered for the same model just in case black walnut does not fit your taste or the decor of your room.