The second item on this list is another great item that can help you build the best entertainment center for your home. Firstly, Perlesmith is incredibly universal. It boasts a universal TV mounting bracket design that can fit most 37“-55“flat panel TVs. This universal TV stand also has a lot of other aspects that make it pretty great. This is because you can use it in so many ways. It comes as a TV desk, as well as a TV, stand with mount.

It is fairly easy to assemble this TV mount. With a tempered glass base, steel pillar and mounting plate you are ready to get going when it comes to your TV entertainment stand. One of the great options this TV stand offers you is its maneuverability and adjustable height. It offers three different installation heights that you can choose based on the size of your TV along with the viewing height that you prefer. This adjustable height offers you lots of extra space for storing any audio video accessories such as a game console, cable box, media player or DVD player.

This stand comes with a black silkscreen finish made out of tempered glass and steel. This gives a sleek look to your home entertainment center. One thing Perlesmith does really well with this product was making sure it was incredibly easy to install. The universal TV stand/base tabletop comes with an instruction manual just in case. Chances are, however, because it is so easy to install, you will not even need it. It also offers stability and durability. The stand can take care of most LCD and LED TVs without any problems so you do not have to worry about strength at all when it comes to this product. As far as the mounting bracket goes it is important to keep in mind that it is compatible with Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sharp, Insignia, Element and TCL. Not to mention the TV stand also includes a 5-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong. Unlike the first item on this list, Perlesmiths TV stand does not come with extra straps for the brackets, however. That will not be a problem however considering this product can hold up to 88lbs.

All in all, when looking over this product, it is important to keep in mind that its best feature is its universality. Perlesmiths design is made to help you mount almost any TV size. Also, because of the durability of this TV stand, you will not ever have to worry about how much it can hold. When you go over the features of this TV stand, it seems that it leaves you very little space for doubt. You can assemble it, add it to your home entertainment system without worrying about anything Reliability is another aspect this TV stand has which why it makes the list as well. The Price is relatively cheap.