We all like being warm and having a nice atmosphere in our rooms. We also all like watching television, more or less. Because of this reason, one of the most ingenious inventions of man has to be the fireplace TV stand.

Not only does this piece of furniture provide you with a place on which to put your television, but it also acts as a fireplace at the same time. Just think of the possibilities. There you are, watching TV in your living room when you feel that the atmosphere is just too… loud. Then, you tone down the lights, light a fire in the fireplace and—hey presto—you have a nice, cozy, evening environment perfect for spending time with your special someone or just family while watching television.

Therefore, it is in your interest to have this piece of furniture in your home. Now, as with any kind of product nowadays, there are many fireplace TV stands to choose from. Which one is right for you depends upon your own personal needs and preferences. This is why it is important to be aware of as much of the options available as possible. That is the reason why this list exists. We have compiled a list the best products we could find online in order to give you a general idea of what is out there. While perusing this list, be sure to keep an eye out for features which you consider to be important. Then, if everything works out, hopefully, the option which suits you best will not be too expensive and you will be able to make your purchase.

With all that said, let us proceed unto the list. Please note while these are ranked, each of the fireplace TV stands on the list is unique in his or her own way. They excel at different things and will naturally attract different people.

Number 1 – Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 50″

As far as fireplace TV stands go, you cannot get more classic than this one. With a strong, patriotic brand name like Ameriwood, one can only assume the level of quality that is to be expected with it. And, to be sure, the Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand does not disappoint one bit.

Number 2 – Ameriwood Home 1766196PCOM Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to 70″

Coming up next we have another Ameriwood product. That should probably tell you that this company knows what they are doing when it comes to producing fireplace TV stands or consoles. This one, in contrast to the last one, comes in four different color options: cherry, distressed gray oak, gray, and white.

Number 3 – Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand, 58″

We continue our list with a different brand. This is a fireplace TV stand with a much simpler design than our last entry. It does not possess fancy cabinets but rather adjustable shelves which can be used to store all of your TV-related items (or items completely unrelated to television—it is yours to do with as you please).

Number 4 – WE Furniture 70″ AZ70FP18WO Fireplace TV Stand

This brand’s name is WE, and such a name conjures up feelings of comfort and togetherness. This is quite appropriate considering that this fireplace TV stand provides your home with just that.

Number 5 – Ameriwood Home Manchester Electric Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70″

Coming up next we have another Ameriwood product, however, it may surprise you to find out that this one is a fair bit more controversial than the other two Ameriwood products we have had so far on our list.

Number 6 – Ameriwood Home Parsons Electric Fireplace for TVs up to 65″ Wide

For our next Ameriwood product, there are not really many new things to say besides marking out the basic differences between it and other products we have seen so far on this list.

Number 7 – WE Furniture 58″ Wood Highboy Fireplace Media TV Stand Console

The seventh entry on our list is one with a lot of controversy surrounding it. There are, on the one hand, customers who swear by its ability to cozy up the atmosphere of a room and who really dig the design.

Number 8 – WE Furniture 48″ Wood Corner Fireplace Media TV Stand Console

Here we have another fireplace TV console from WE Furniture, and this one comes with an interesting twist. Namely, it is made for fitting in a corner of a room and this makes its design quite different from the rest of the products we have on this list.

Number 9 – Ameriwood Home Brooklyn Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to 50″, Espresso

Coming up next we have yet another Ameriwood product, and this one is not very different from the rest. It is smaller than what you would expect from an Ameriwood or any fireplace TV console, but that is what makes it appropriate for smaller places such as bedrooms or smaller living rooms.

Number 10 – WE Furniture 58″ Wood Media TV Stand Console with Fireplace

This next entry is a fairly standard addition and does not bring anything radically different from the products we have seen so far on this list.

Number 11 – Ameriwood Home Edgewood TV Console with Fireplace for TVs up to 60”

And, so, the list that was started with an Ameriwood product will be finished by an Ameriwood product. There is very little about this one to distinguish it from any other fireplace TV stand we have looked at on this list.



And thus we reach the end of this list. On it, we have seen some truly spectacular fireplace TV stands/consoles. We have definitely noticed that Ameriwood and WE Furniture are the top dogs in the business and that they produce quality stuff.

You are probably wondering now: With so many options, which one should I choose? Or maybe not. Perhaps you have made your mind up the moment you read a review for one of the products here. Whatever the case may be if you take into account your own likes and dislikes and carefully consider which fireplace TV stand would work best with your home and personal needs.

A fireplace TV stand is an amazing piece of furniture. It is a genius combination of a place to put your television while at the same time giving you a cozy and inviting atmosphere with its fireplace insert. No matter which one of these you choose to buy, we hope you will be satisfied.